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Expressive Arts Therapy

The term expressive arts refers to any combination of dance, writing, visual arts, drama, music or other creative outlets. Expressive arts therapy takes these modalities and uses them to enhance individual development and growth. 

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a form of therapy used primarily for children. Play therapists use playtime to observe and gain insights into a child’s problems. They can then help the child explore emotions and deal with unresolved trauma. Through play, children can learn new coping mechanisms and how to redirect inappropriate behaviours.

ARts and play therapy can help kids with

Bath Time

Trauma, grief and Loss

A Boy and His Tablet Device

Communication difficulties

Kids Playing on the Couch

Learning and behavioural issues

Preschool Class

Concentration difficulties

Afro American Kid

Emotional issues and stress

Boy in hat

Depression and anxiety

Not sure which therapy accommodates your child's needs better?

Give us a call, and our professional team will let you know how we can help improve your child's problem.  

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