Regular programmes

Little Brainman

Course details

  • Designed and led by our Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Art Therapist and ABA Behavioural Therapists.

  • Helps develop children’s social, communication and self-care skills through play, music, and art.

  • Aims to develop children’s potentials and appropriate behaviour to help them integrate into the classroom more easily

  • The course focuses on:
    - Overall communication skills including expression training, oral motor function, comprehension, and communication skills (led by Speech Therapist) 
    - Attention, cognition, challenging behaviour, self-care, social, and motor skills. (led by Art Therapist and ABA Behavioural Therapists)

  • Targeting age: 18 – 36 months old

  • Small Group: 3-6 persons

  • Language: Cantonese/ English

The Art of Mind Project

Sensory Playgroup

Course details

  • Led by Art therapist

  • Values the relationship between art, education, and developmental psychology.

  • Designed to nurture children’s creativity through sensory-play and to arouse their passion for learning different skills, such as emotion management, social and problem-solving skills, for a better mental wellbeing.

  • Targeting age group: 2-3 years old; 4-6 years old

  • Small Group: 3-6 persons

  • Language: Cantonese / English

  • Schedule: Friday and Saturday 

Little brainman
art of mind
social group


「小朋友唔識講故事? 」「講來講去都一舊舊? 」「成日都辭不達意?」








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