Child-centred Approach

Our approach is child-centred and clinically driven. We aim not solely to maximise the progress of each child under our care, but also to provide guidance and support to the family as we recognise the importance of consistency in child development.

Individualised Programme

An initial assessment helps to identify the child’s unique profile of strengths and weaknesses, which enables our specialists to tailor multi-dimensional programmes.​

Professional Squad

Our professional team consists of ABA Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Art Therapists. We work closely with the children and their families in one-on-one, group, home as well as school settings.

Ethos of Inclusion

We hold regular workshops for both children under our care as well as the general public. With exposure, children with special needs can learn different skills from their peers ; whereas the peers can become comfortable interacting with people with different levels of abilities, and gain a sense of responsibility with learning to help others.

Subsidised service

We provide services to all families in need, regardless of race, cultural or socioeconomic background. Special rates are offered to qualifying low-income families and  those receiving CSSA.


ABA Therapy

- ABA therapy is recognised to be particularly effective for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


- It helps individuals to achieve targeted behaviours and skills like communication and play skills. It also helps reduce maladaptive behaviours such as aggression and self-harm behaviours.

Speech Therapy


​- Speech therapy aims to improve overall social communication skills.


- Our services include comprehension and expression training, oral motor abilities training, articulation therapy as well as stuttering treatment. 


- It makes children feel less frustrated about speaking to others, and resulting in enhanced self-confidence.


- We provide individual, group and family psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults.


- Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy: emotional/ behavioural/ social problems, mental disorders

- Adult Psychotherapy: mental disorders e.g. anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, psychotic disorders



- Global developmental Assessment

   (0-6 years old)

- Intelligence test (6-16 years old)

- Autism spectrum disorder (2-18 years old)

- Attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder

   (5-18 years old)

- Dyslexia assessment (6-13 years old)

- Speech and language assessment 



- Centre-based training

- Home sessions​
- School-based support​
- Outing

- Talks

- Workshops

Other services


- Expressive arts therapy

- Play therapy

- Family Counselling

- Coordination and balance exercise

- Motor skills training

- Sensory skills development

- Attention and concentration training